Firey Ball of Death @ 9:38 am

Well I’m alive…well just about…

Thanks to the ever lovely Kate and Kirsten I got to the airport with plenty of time for my 4.05 flight…smashing…expcept god had other ideas…plane was delayed till 7.30ish…ohh well at least I was on my way n’ all.

For the most part the flight was uninteresting – briefly punctuated by the crappy Easyjet in flight magazine … but then came the excitement (well sort of). As we came in for approach probably about a couple of minutes from landing the plane went up and down – a bit like a car going over a dip in the road a bit too quickly – it was odd but i just put it down to turbulance. Anyway as we approached the run way I could see lots of fire engines and ambulances lining the runway. The landing was smooth ish (was that the merest hint of a bounce on touchdown?) – anyway as we pull up the captain comes on the intercom thing

Ladies and Gentlemen you may be noticing all the blue lights outside … its nothing to be concerned about – well now i’m concerned – but we hit something big on our approach – what do you mean you hit something??? – We believe that the aircraft is okay and hasn’t recieved any damage but the airport authorities have felt it prudent to send out the fire brigade just in case – you mean i’m not going to die in a horrible firey ball of death – as a precaution were going to stop just short of the terminal. For your own safety please do not walk under the wings. …. Thank you for flying Easyjet…our representatives here at the airport are ServiceAir…

So I didn’t die my friends and i sadly haven’t been able to find out what the ‘something’ was that we hit – but at that height it was either a two hundred pound carrier pigeon bringing up my stuff or it was another aircraft of some sort… a mystery my friends ….

Anyway on a brighter note my stuff turned up on the tuesday in early afternoon (I have to recommend PostVan.com They shifted all my stuff up with almost no problems and for a fairly cheap price (35kg for 14.95+Vat)…terrible unusable website though … and I spent yesterday trying to unpack all my shit …until my brother hauled me off to the pub. (I still haven’t finished unpacking yet but thats the job for today).

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