Operation Cue @ 6:54 pm

Perhaps the scariest thing i’ve seen in a while…

Operation Cue (mpg4)

This is the public information video from 1955 during US nuclear weapons testing – the drop a 20kiliton nuclear weapon and see how various buildings survive – all the way through you have very twee “happy” music with an iritatingly cheerful women incessintly guiding us though the “experiment”.

Amazingly they technical folks are running around a day afterword (including having lunch on the food from the explosion) without any safety protection ….hmmmmmmmm

You have to wonder if any of it will matter at all when the apocalypse comes. There’s some pretty weird moments if you look carefully??for instance, calling the container of food to be tested “Grandma’s Pantry” boggles the mind if you think about it (yep, I love good old-fashioned nuked food, I do!).

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