“The end of an era…” @ 9:28 am

Well thats how Greg put it and i think he’s right. Greg, of alfred place fame, moved back to London last night at silly o’clock and quite frankly i don’t think either of us knew what to say when it came to the goodbyes.

For those of you who don’t know, Greg and I were living in Hawthorns Student Halls at Bristol Uni over the summer after moving out of Alfred Place when Miss Moon became Mrs Addison – and our contract came up. That was strange enough; Marie Teresa is a lovely lass and it was very odd the morning after her wedding when she was picking up the last of her stuff before she and Matt left on their honeymoon. I didn’t know quite what to say that day either…

But I think last night was different, i think it finally hit me that i was moving back to edinburgh – that the people i had seen every day for the last three years, had drunk with, laughed with and cried with – are not really going to be in my life that much anymore – yes there’ll be the emails and letters and the occassional meeting when they or I are in the same place but thats just not the same.

I look at my school days & undergrad days and the number of people i’ve sadly lost contact with since then and i really do start to worry that the same thing will happen again…

To add to it I’m moving back to a city which really isn’t my home anymore. Yes there are my family and some really good friends but my life just isn’t there anymore and i don’t know quite what to do about it…it looks like the next chapter in my life is about to begin.

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