Hibs to stay at Easter Road @ 10:42 am

Well after all the rumours and speculation about a possible ground share with Hearts and a move to Straiton . On Tuesday the Board of Hibernian FC made the announcement that supporters of the Club have been anxious to hear – Hibernian FC is to stay at its home at Easter Road Stadium.

Its good to finally have a decision one way or the other. Personally I’m glad that were to stay at Easter Rd but I realise that in the current financial climate that moving to Straiton may have offered the best long term chances for the clubs survival. I just hope that the board have done all their sums properly and that by choosing to stay at Easter Road their not making a huge financial mistake.


Naked Linny @ 9:45 am

Well its not every day i get an email from Ex Project student Linny entitled “naked swimming”.

She’s in Japan at the mo teaching the kiddies how to speak english. Anyway she has now experienced the Japanese hot springs, or ‘onsen’, which is basically bathing in natural spring water with strangers…naked! Damn it that I’m edinburgh! 😉

Linny’s also been seen dressing up that the local Kimono festival in town …
Linny in a Kimono


Bizarre @ 12:24 pm

Something very odd indeed …. I was walking down the street earlier and passed by a women walking her dog … not surprising but … the dog takes a shit and after he’s done this old women wipes the dogs arse ….. errrr okay then ….

Scotland v USA @ 12:14 pm

Well after an unconvincing start where both teams seemed to be quite nervous at running at one another Scotland managed to run out a fairly convincing 39-15 win over the USA in Brisbane.

The match was once again full of simple handling errors and indiscipline from the Scots who saw a number of penalties given for simple things like talking back to thge ref which really shouldn’t happen at this level. This aside the strength and fitness of this world cup squad showed immensly and dispite the odd flurish from the Eagles this was for the most part a one sided game.

The big test will come on satarday when the Scots face the French – a team who will not forgive the handling errors that have plagued Scotland thus far.


Getting Political @ 2:44 pm

Well all my ranting has got me into trouble, well not quite …I’ve turned into one of those people who write to newspapers in green ink to complain/question the politico’s in this world.

Rant of the week is about the Craigmillar Social Inclusion Partnership and the lack of transparency in their financies and to ask a very simple question…where do they get their money from and what do they do with it??

Basically it all started when I read their Annual Review and turning into the Grumpy old man that i am I sat there picking at the holes asking very simple questions and getting very confused. Anyway I ended up sending a letter to the Edinburgh Evening News basically putting my questions to the Partnership What are SIP funds used for?

Today i got the Reply from Graham Rowan which basically covers none of the points satisfactorally so i’m sending off another one today – if it doesn’t get published i’ll post it here.

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