Getting Political @ 2:44 pm

Well all my ranting has got me into trouble, well not quite …I’ve turned into one of those people who write to newspapers in green ink to complain/question the politico’s in this world.

Rant of the week is about the Craigmillar Social Inclusion Partnership and the lack of transparency in their financies and to ask a very simple question…where do they get their money from and what do they do with it??

Basically it all started when I read their Annual Review and turning into the Grumpy old man that i am I sat there picking at the holes asking very simple questions and getting very confused. Anyway I ended up sending a letter to the Edinburgh Evening News basically putting my questions to the Partnership What are SIP funds used for?

Today i got the Reply from Graham Rowan which basically covers none of the points satisfactorally so i’m sending off another one today – if it doesn’t get published i’ll post it here.

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