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The sixth goal in the sixty sixth minute of play summed up what can only be described as like having a rectal exam by a big hungarian customs officer. In what became an absurd scoreline the Scots were ill tempered and gave away silly fouls etc. with the first three goals alone coming from set pieces.

Some of the talk has since turned to should Bertie continue in the Scotland Job. Personally I’m torn – he’s taken an old and not very good squad (which wasn’t really going anywhere) and turned it into a young and not very good squad which may go somewhere in the next four years. But in doing so he’s removed all the experience from the squad, has endeded up with the worst managerial record in Scottish history and has watched scotland drop from about 30ish in the world rankings to the 60ish place we find ourselves in now.

The question for me is whether we want Bertie as our manager going into the next world cup and if we think he can turn these young lads around? Sadly I don’t think he can – I think he’s done the hard thing – actually taking the dive into bringing in young fresh talent – but I don’t think he has the calibre to take that side to success at international level and we may be best looking for a new manager quite soon.

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