MyEdinburgh and Curry @ 11:12 am

Well I haven’t been posting any main articles lately as I seem to have got drawn into a not so healthy debate on the Craigmillar Partnership.

Monday saw me off to the Launch of the new .myEdinburgh at the national museum of scotland- yes i was wined and dined (well if you can call those silly little salmon things dined). MyEdinburgh is a public information portal for Edinburgh based on the old CityConnect model.

The actual launch was okay (nice wine) – sadly Ewan Aitken can still talk the back end off a donkey. I knew him years ago when he was a trainee minister at South Leith Parish Church and he could talk for hours then – now he’s moved up in the world as Councillor on the City Council.

Bizarrely I bumped into ex-Slough housemate Vicky Logue at the Launch which was fantastic catching up – I need to give her a call soon and arrange a few lemonades with her.


In case you missed it Sharwoods new range of Curry sauces are called Bundh – sadly thats punjabi for “arse” – nice going ohhh marketing genius’

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