Saddam @ 12:20 pm

Saddam Hussein was captured last night after living in a hole far god knows how long at a farm 15miles away from his home town of Tikrit.

Picture of captured saddam hussein

It was actually quite strange, here is a man who is responsible for the torture and murder of millions of people – a man who has terrorised his own people to expliot them for his own power and gain – now looking frail and weak. It is perhaps to easy for us to consider him a monster, inhuman but the photos and video of him today show that this monster was human and a reminder to us all of the horror that man can commit against his own kind…sadly I believe this is a lesson we still haven’t learnt as we stand back and watch whats happening throughout the world as other tyrants crush the people they supposeedly represent.

The PM and the President of the Iraqi ruling council have both said that he will be tried by an Iraqi court in Iraq ; a really moment for the Iraqi people (NOT the west) to dictate justice.

One thing that did cross my mind though is the fact that under the Geneva convention on the tretment of Prisoners of War they are not allowed to be used for propaganda purposes…the question is is showing the footage of Saddam propoganda or an effort to try to convince the iraqi people that Saddam really is in custody (a problem they faced when his sns were killed)?…i think the answer is probably both.
Just caught this on Al Jazerra

In Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit and elsewhere in the country, people poured into the streets at the news. There were reports of celebrations in Tikrit.

The western media has always described Tikrit as a Hussein stronghold full of Saddam loyalists – it just makes me wonder how loyal were the loyalists were all along when we see open celebrations in such a city – and how much of their loyalty was gained through intimidation.

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