The weather outside is errr…dry and sunny @ 5:02 pm

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas eve, no snow, no rain, it’s not even that cold outside…just finished a bit of last minute shopping for tommorrow – why do I always leave it to the last minute. Actually I know why – I hate shopping at the best of times – add huge crowds and the pre-chrimbo hectic free for all that is Princess St, Edinburgh and I’ll avoid it like the plague – putting it off until the last minute forces me to be quick, to get the job done – even if it is really bloody stressful. Grrrrr….

Apart from that its been quite quiet recently – too skint really to cause to much mischief – was out on the lash with Ricky off to the lovely Subway Cowgate…Ricky pulled….and I got lumbered with her mate who already had a bloke…great work really 🙁 .

Add to that my dozy brother droped a clothes iron on my arm so I know have a sort of red pointy trangle shaped blister/burnt skin on my arm…thankfully its not too bad; it could have been alot worse

What else hmmmm… got a Chrimbo card from Kate today – told me that Russell and Rosie Cox have just had they’re wee baby, Robert, congratulations Dr & Dr Cox…it’s amazing how being up norf means that keeping up with the news is soooo damn difficult!.

On the footy front, Hibs have beaten Celtic in the CIS Cup and now go off to face Rangers, we’ve continued our disappointing league run and Bobby’s just re-signed his contract …. really a mixed bag.

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