Filming old women @ 12:45 am

What have filming old women (don’t ask, but non-pornographic…honestly…), these…

Family Research

History of Craigmillar

History of Leith


Two newspapers (one real and one still in the planning stages (if it’ll ever get off the ground I’ll be amazed))

an art gallery

And two multimedia CD’s got in common…

Yes, you guessed it – its just a short list of the things I seem to have ended up getting dragged into since coming back up north and their also the things that have consumed too much of my time lately.

JC called the other day and his phone call was just the kick up the arse I needed (thanks John I owe you mate) – add to that Graham Simpson is now Dr Simpson (congratulations mate) – the first of the Bristol lot – and I really must focus more on getting my < a href="http://search.mehorpa.com/go/thesis">thesis out the way.

To be honest the thesis has been at the bottom of huge motivational hole lately – and it was really odd it got to the stage that loooking at it I kept saying to myself I’ll do that later and later never came and it just became this bigger and bigger thing – thats not to say that I’ve done fuck all about it – page count wise its probably over the half way mark but its all bity – part of a chapter here – part of a chapter there – what it really needs is a kick up the arse – for me to focus on one chapter at a time and get them out the way.

I hesitate to say that moving back to < a href="http://search.mehorpa.com/go/edinburgh">Edinburgh was a mistake – I had no < a href="http://search.mehorpa.com/go/money">money and was being made homeless so staying in Bristol was really not an option – but Edinburgh has meant too many distractions for my own good.

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