Valentines Day @ 10:07 am

Well I have to say I hate today, just in general Valentines day is sickly smoltsy Hallmark holiday that quite frankly makes any romantacism laudable….Yes I’m single and I’m sick of the wall to wall love songs on the radio, cheesy love dovey tv programmes and every pub and shop with cheap love heart decorations as if the world needs it.

Do we really need a day in which to say “I love you” to the people in our life? personally I don’t think so I believe that you should treat that special someone as …well err ….special as much as possible and not just wait for one day. All relationship need tenderness and love to be shown regularly not just in buying some little teddy bear with a love heart “because” its valentines day.

So today I’m going to watch the rugby, have a couple of beers and swear blindly at the pubs big screen … and try not to let this treacly sweet day get to me.

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