Denial of Service Attack @ 12:52 pm

As some of you may have noticed this website has been down for the last two and a half days due to a bitch of Denial of Service attack against my host Vlauehost.co.uk – hopefully all is sorted now …


Scientists @ 2:34 pm

Flicking through H.G. Wells “THE FOOD OF THE GODS.”

They were of course quite undistinguished looking men, as indeed all
true Scientists are.

Ahhh the old assumption that scientists are men and scruffy looking….Wells obviously never saw Sue’s Pimps and Whores party (all the girly scientists in short skirt and knee length leather boots)….or me wearing womens clothes at Grahams P’Party…where does that fit in…hmmm

The Craigmillar community discussion group, CraigNET has been redesigned and relaunched
CraigNET :: Craigmillar community News

I’ve based it on PhpBB, which in the past I haven’t had much success with but the latest version seems to work a treat


Its all gone wrong @ 1:08 pm

Coming to the last few games of the Six Nations the Haggis eaters due to some neglect on my part have slipped from there number two spot down to third with the gap starting to open up above…can they pull it back in the daying minutes of the season….

Pos. Team Mn. Pts.
1825      Unlike me Murphys 10 249
2378      Will Carling Memorial XV 66 232
4310      Haggis Eaters 19 193
4521      South Wales 39 189
4857      theenglandtrashers 36 184
8186      Huggingbums 44 139
10397      exeter ovalballs 14 118
11390      Chiefs Chokers 30 106


I pity the fool… @ 7:38 pm

What the silliest thing a Scottish rugby fan could do…no, not wear a skirt and a rugby top whilst running around london shouting “Johnny Wilkinsons gay and he takes up the ass from Laurence Dallaglio”…no, I’ve just turned down free tickets to see the Scotland France game on sunday. Basically a mate who can’t offered them to me if I could go (he’s off sunning himself in Spain for the coming week) on the condition that I had to use them all and seen as I could probably only get rid of one of them – I had to say no…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bon Chance @ 2:57 pm

Good luck to Former Miss world Miss Gregory Parker who if all things go to plan will end the day a respectable member of the Scientific community.

I’m sorry I ain’t there to help wet the doctors head mate…have a barrel on me.

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