Bush Shoot-Out @ 5:51 pm

Not quite sure what I think about this – its quite fun to play but its part of the Bush re-election campaign and has been launched to boost his ‘cough’ credibility as tough on terrorism. Bush Shoot-Out – Miniclip.com is a wee flash based shoot em up that sees you playing George bush and , briefly, Condelleza Rice in a shoot out with terrorists in the White house.

For someone who dodged the Vietnam war, Mr. Bush avoided both combat and making any kind of political statement on the War in Vietnam. While others served, giving their lives and limbs, or took part in a protest movement to end the war, the president’s family connections got him a safe spot in the Texas Air National Guard. and now he wants this gun tooting, terrorist slaying lack of credible foreign policy ‘but look at that the ‘terrorist’ blood on the walls of the oval office’ cartoon bush to be what the American people see.

Sadly, I don’t have vote in the US so can’t help vote him out (not that a vote in the states means anything when courts run by bush’s family decide who gets to be president).

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