EU Referendum @ 11:10 pm

I’m sure i’ll write more at length on this at it gets nearer the time and once i’ve at least glanced at the 300pages of the draft EU constitution myself – but one thing i’d like to say. Firstly I’m fairly pro-europe in a kind of ‘i think in the long term its a good thing but economically it would be a disaster if we went in just now’ kinda way. That doesn’t mean i don’t have concerns, as many people do, about how it will effect British soveregnty in the long term – and strangely how different being one voice in 60million compared to one voice in 350million feels.

However, the current conservatives isolationist policy which says they want nothing to do with the EU constitiution reform; not because they necessarily disagree with article x, y or z but because they disagree with ANY form of ratified EU constitution and even membership within the EU could spell disaster for the UK in the long term.

We have to remember that the movement towards greater political and economic harmonisation was brought about by the end of the second world war where essentially harmonisation meant an important part of the post war reconstruction of Europe – we’re just 60years on from their and if history tells us one thing it is that if Europe is divided, it’s nation states ambivalent or hostile towards one another and isolationist both between nations states and towards the outside world then it can only spell the path to socioeconomic and political turmoil.

In my opinion its important for the Conservative opposition to provide a credible policy for their future of europe because at the moment their policy seems to be to deliberately not have a European policy (roll on the Status Quo) and to bury their heads in the sand (because to do otherwise would be to isolate the Right wing hardliners within the conservative party who want nothing at all to do with europe)…which to me is something i can never support

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