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Right guys, not really news as such but merely a geeky update for you all.

I’ve just launched A new Leith Community Portal based on the rather excellent Mambo. Basically its a site for local news, discussion forums and local interest links -its surprisingly been really quite popular so far considering it was only launched a few days ago – and hopefully will go on to bigger and better things. Sadly I can’t get mambo to write properly to the server throught the web interface so things like image upload, component installation and edit the pages through mambo aren’t working properly – which is really odd seen as wordpress manages it fine.

Talking of wordpress I’ve just upgraded the back end to this site which uses WordPress and I’ve only just installed the shiny new latest version 1.02 (v1 and v1.01 didn’t work properly with my server). But at the same time i’ve been taking a look at Textpattern which Dr Evil has recommended to me … so far all I’ve done is knock up a quick blog template and apply one of my WordPress styles to it to see how it goes http://www.lineages.co.uk/chris/textpattern/. So far so good.

Also despite the McArthur thing the Bristol NMR/Polyketides site has had a wee quick makeover – definately not done but worth a quick look

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