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Well its happened, big brother 5 started last night with much brew ha ha. 71 days of mind numbing escapist TV – designed to pacify the populace – its all a government conspiracy really with even Culture minister Tessa Jowell decribing it as a public service. Obviously over the coming weeks and months the singular talk in the mainstream press will be about the housemates – at the same time European and local elections will be taking place; which will, I guarantee, recieve considerably fewer votes than Big Brother.

It all reminds be of Robert Rankin Armageddon The musical where the populace is so suppressed in a post apocolyptic world that to pacify them the populace are forced to watch TV in order to obtain rations and services. But, instead of food here we end up in a huge commercial cycle – Big Brother has fueled an almost 100million pound increase in Channel4’s income – importantly since channel4 is a not for profit organisation the money raised from Big brother pays for more programming – in turn programming effects advertising revenue which in turn effects what we buy in the shops … which changes our economy – which effects employment … which effects who we vote for … which effects our health/education and foreign policy … all whilst we are pacified by the housemates, and turned into drones for the state

Oppose this Government Conspiracy

…..and ohhh and is Nadia really a bloke (no ones sex change could be that bad could it??) ???? and did that ugly bird Kitten really work as a prostitiute (who on earth would pay for that, I ask you??) ??? Is Shell really as nice as she appears…??? shes Scottish too so that canae be bad…what do you mean she’s seeing someone?….what do you mean she’s way out of my league ??….

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