Feeling sick & Revolutionary Bums @ 1:49 pm

I thought it was the beer on Thursday (with Ricky) but I’ve been feeling shitty since Friday which isn’t good. Pulled myself along to see Rob, Ruth, Geraldine, Irish Andy and Martin in the shakespear on Friday (the first time I’ve seen most of them in years) which was great just catching up with folk – its strange how with some people you don’t know quite what to say and some people you can talk to as if you only saw them last week.

Rob & Martin were in town as his band ‘the ‘Revolutionary Bums’ were playing a gig in the old Town – but I was kept away by a bout of explosive diarrhea – sorry mate. Rob’s been sunnying himself ‘working for the government’ which I’m sure is a euphemism for being a spy but he assures me he works with gambling stuff…. hmmmm….works for the government and spends all day in the Casino….he’s bloody James Bond I’m sure of it….

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