I’m alive sort of….and skint @ 10:05 am

For those of you that visit regularly you’ll have seen a few technical problems with this site over the last few days…hopefully were back now…

Anyway, I still feel like shit (groggy and a bit nauseous) which I’ve been feeling for about a week and a half now – can’t explain it and I’ve always been loath to go to the doctors so hopefully it’ll pass…

Also I have been getting my annual butt fucking by the student loans agency (again) …back in January I asked to defer, In march they got back to me with “we’ll need a letter from yourself stating that you have no income and your father and he isn’t supporting you financially” okay doke – that was sent off that day; the end of april saw the “your application for deferment was incomplete please provide bank statement and credit card bill to prove you have no income, ohh and by the way we’re going to start taking money off you in three days”, panicy I send of bank statement and credit card bill that day by recorded delivery….then silence they took of the first payment…about 4 days from the second payment due date I get “here are your documents back thank you we are still processing your deferment application”….fuck it…second payment is taken …. I ring up to find out what the fuck is going on ‘cos its getting close to a third payemtn date and my last two letters have gone unanswered … after about 30minutes on the phone I get “Ohhh but you’ve not provided us with proof of your overdraft facility so we’ve been sitting on it till you do”….my rather indignant reply of “why the hell wasn’t i told about this? why the hell was it not mentioned in any of my previous phone calls, or even when you sent my other documents back” (biting my tongue because its not the little call center girls fault), “oh we would have sent that out in a separate letter sir “…. “but I’ve never recieved any damn letter” …. “ohh” …. so I’m off to the bank today to get proof of my overdraft facility … personally I don’t see what thats got to do with the student loans agency … they’ve seen my bank statements with no income what are they expecting???

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