We know what John’s been up to… @ 10:06 am

I’d like to congratulate the Crosby’s on the birth of their new son Charlie over the weekend – from what my spies tell me the mother and baby are both doing well and everything went according to plan… yipppieeee…………….


Strange few days & Version 2 @ 8:48 pm

My PC’s back up and running – shiny new power supply unit did the trick – thank god. There was a moment there where I was shitting myself – i put the PSU into my computer attached all the wires and flicked to computer on switch and nothing happened – so undid all the wires and reconnected the motherboard only and tried again – still nothing – Starting to panic now I’m almost ready to throw the thing out the window when it dawns on me that unlike my old PSU this one has its own power switch DOH!!!!!!!!!!! As if by magic upon flicking this new magic button my PC burst into life again … Now you may be thinking what sort of dumb ass am I ? and your probably right.

Grabbed a quick game of chess with Ex flatmate Greg using the magical tool that is Yahoo online gaming and caught up with all the Stateside news. And incase your wondering Greg is quite good at the old chess and hammered me quite decisively 🙁

Being without my thesis gave me a few days to finish a couple of entries to this months Version2 competition….

Macedition entry 1

Macedition entry 2

I probably don’t stand a chance but well see….

Macedition entry 3


Democracy in action @ 10:01 am

Just spotted this over at BBC News discussing the local elections

And two candidates in Slough were forced to roll a dice to decide the outcome of the election after two recounts failed to split them. The Tory beat the independent.

I always thought in cases where there was an effective draw there was a re-election


My Computers Died @ 2:02 pm

The PSU for my PC has just died – I’m going to order a new PSU today but I doubt it’ll be here by the middle of next week – which means a few problems mainly that my thesis is on it …..

Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ….

Serves me right for buying a cheapo generic beige box with PSU


European and Local Elections @ 12:54 pm

On the issue of the elections I’m what you can euphemistaically describe as a floating voter at the mo…
Labour – I was pro war (but against how it was done in a political sense – and disappointed by the rate of post war reconstruction of iraq). At home I’ve found that economically the country’s in quite a good state – education is a bit fucked up – especially the governments student loans policy and university funding, Health service – for me its improved (there was a pre-labour time when if I wanted to see my GP i had to make an appointment a week in advance – now I can get one for the same or following day) – but I’ve also seen friends and family requiring physio or operations waiting months to be seen (but perhaps thats always been so? i’m not sure). Policing – every measure of crime says its falling (yet public fear is increasing). Europe – I agree for the most part with the labour policy – but I do feel that they will railroad the changes through if they can against public concern –
Track record…6.5/10
Trust Level……7/10

Conservatives – On Iraq I think the conservatives have shared many of the opinions i have. Economic policy is concerning (i’ve never liked the whole slash taxes and cut public spending thing) plus I don’t trust Howard after seeing what happened with the poll tax (introduced illegally in scotland prior to the rest of the UK against the Act of Union – but thats another story), Education, without any kids of my own I’m more concerned personally by university eductation where I have to find myself agreeing with the Conservative policy (my god did I just say that ;-0 ). Europe – don’t agree with them at all
Track record…3/10
Trust Level……5/10

Liberal Democrats – (who I’ve normally voted for in the past) Historically they’ve been succesful at the local government and european levels, Education and Policing and health – fairly good solid policies which have been well implemented locally but I do have concerns that their fiscal policy is a sham and poorly calculated . Charles Kenedy is a good leader but lacks gravitas. European policy – one of the best and most well thought out of the major parties. Their iraq policy has me concerned though not for necessarily being against the war, they were perhaps more in tune with the nation on this than the other parties (which will win them alot of votes ) but because of how I see british foriegn policy being under them – as a permanent member of the security council I believe we have an obligation to use that position to oppose oppressive/dictatorial regimes with military force IF necessary – whereas the impression i get from the Lib Dems is that of a “CND marching, happy clappy, do you want a flapjack with your tea Mr Hussien, lets all hug and it’ll be okay” country
Track record…8/10
Trust Level……8/10

SNP – Voted for them once and I’m not voting for those tossers again
Track Record … 1/10
Policies ………….. 4/10
Trust Level…….. 0/10

UKIP – from what I see they have one policy which is get out of europe , I can’t support an isolationist, right wing and self destructive view point (but they’re going to do quite well – taking alot of votes from the Lib Dems and also the Conservatives)
Track Record … 0/10
Policies ………….. 0/10
Trust Level…….. 0/10

Greens – Small in UK mainstream politics but very big at the European level with a good solid track record – sadly even more CND marching, tea drinking pacificist than the Lib Dems. At a european level these guys may be the best choice (because of the current poltical remit of the EU) but with the reforms of the Eu taking place and an increasing importance of the EU with its own foreign minister etc I’m not sure
Track Record … 7/10 (at European level) 3/10 at UK level
Policies ………….. 6/10
Trust Level…….. 8/10

Who will you be voting for ?? who do you think i should vote for?

Whoever you do vote for just make sure you bloody well vote!! or I’ll be round to smack you about!! Tommorrow sees the 60th aniversary of the D-Day landings and we should never forget that we owe our freedom and the right to vote because of the sacrifices of those men – its our obligation to vote so just do it!.

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