Strange few days & Version 2 @ 8:48 pm

My PC’s back up and running – shiny new power supply unit did the trick – thank god. There was a moment there where I was shitting myself – i put the PSU into my computer attached all the wires and flicked to computer on switch and nothing happened – so undid all the wires and reconnected the motherboard only and tried again – still nothing – Starting to panic now I’m almost ready to throw the thing out the window when it dawns on me that unlike my old PSU this one has its own power switch DOH!!!!!!!!!!! As if by magic upon flicking this new magic button my PC burst into life again … Now you may be thinking what sort of dumb ass am I ? and your probably right.

Grabbed a quick game of chess with Ex flatmate Greg using the magical tool that is Yahoo online gaming and caught up with all the Stateside news. And incase your wondering Greg is quite good at the old chess and hammered me quite decisively 🙁

Being without my thesis gave me a few days to finish a couple of entries to this months Version2 competition….

Macedition entry 1

Macedition entry 2

I probably don’t stand a chance but well see….

Macedition entry 3

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