Armed police make arrest outside my bedroom window @ 12:04 pm

Literally just this minute about 6 armed police have just arrested a bloke in the house two doors down from me. I was sitting at my computer when I heard shouts coming from outside – looking out the window i find three armed officers pointing machine guns at this bloke lying on the ground the other three armed police including one with a big fuck off police dog climbing over the fence to get in the garden and make the arrest…all very exciting.

For those of you reading this from outside the UK guns are extremely rare to see here – and the police don’t regularly carry them so whenever it does happen its actually quite surprising…

Two Hen Parties and a bitch @ 11:10 am

For the first time in months i went out yesterday for a few cold ones in town with Ricky and Kat. Kat in rather unusual move had a dog (Cleo) and a rather lovely Autralian lass in tow (Chloe, ex flatmate of Kat’s from when she lived in Sydney, over for a few weeks holiday).

It was quite a nice afternoon/evening sitting outside Tiles in St Andrews square and a few bars on Rose Street having a few beers and Chloe drinking her way through the bars non-alcoholic selection (sorry australian….on holiday….not drinking…..i don’t understand what happened to that great autralian beer swilling cultural stereotype eh???? its just not right I tell you …).

Having Cleo with us was a mixture of curse and a blessing in some ways. Half the bars we tried wouldn’t let Cleo even sit outside – but she was incredibly handy when it came to the tables of drunk hen party girls who all wanted to stroke and clap … and no we didn’t mention that Cleo had been rolling around in shit up on Arthurs Seat – that would’ve just been impolite 🙂

So walking to the bus stop with Ricky after we’ve dropped off the girls theres the obligatory conversation about how Ricky thought he was in there with Chloe but he didn’t want to ‘cos she was Kat’s friend and she was flying to London tomorrow … yes of course she wasn’t just being friendly … and yes of course all afternoon of drinking just makes you even more irrestable to women … especially sober ones


I am made of jelly … @ 3:07 pm

I’m not normally a fan of the Weebl & bob type cartoons but this made me laugh…


Advice @ 12:47 pm

Don’t buy a stupid dwarf. It’s not big and it’s not clever.


10 Stories the world needs to know more about @ 11:06 am

I’m always interested in whats happening behind the front pages of the news which often leads me to reading obscure bits of news from around the world. But the UN has decided to shine a spotlight on some of the important international issues and developments that often do not get sufficient media attention, 10 Stories the world needs to know more about

From child soldiers in Uganda to AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa to tretment of the disabled these Tens stories give an important and contemporary view of the world we often don’t see on the BBC, CNN or Sky News. Via Kottke originally.

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