How to fail and still keep going @ 4:38 pm

Fastcompany has an interesting interview with Nancy Hutson of Pfizer on the failures and success of the the drug discovery process. Its quite a telling article focussing on the managment of pharmaceutical research projects and an interesting piece on how to keep going when ninety odd percent of everythng you do is a probably going to fail…Fastcompany: The thrill of defeat

I’d never really thought about it before but science is built on so many failures compared to success it is strange that anyone even considers it a career – it lacks the certainty, and predictability of most other careers – and perhaps thats why us scientists are such a strange bunch – carved from a mold where progress and success are not the same thing, where the path you set along rarely leads to where you want to go, and where few of us will ever know success as measured by “normal” folk.


Dr Song @ 11:23 pm

Congratulations to Zhongshu Song on successfully passing his viva and become Dr Song, its great news mate (hopefully I’ll be joining you soon enough). My spies also tell me that this week sees the viva of young Flo, so a big good luck to her.

Edit – just noticed this my 100th posting (i’m surprised – when i first launced this I didn’t expect this site to last this long)


George Says… @ 1:02 pm

You can’t make this shit up…a quote from George Bush made in a speech at the signing ceremony for a $417 billion defense spending bill yesterday.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

The trouble is that Kerry looks as though he’s doing crap and we might be stuck with fuckwit George…


Scotland is an island off the coast of Spain @ 8:20 am

I was going to post about the excellent George Says a brilliant little site which lets you put words into George Bush’s mouth but instead I came across this last night which give me a quick chortle.

Geography was never one of my best subjects, I can tell you how waterfalls make plunge pools, and how ox bowl lakes are formed but ask me to point to Thailand say (sorry Wanpen) and I would have a vague clue but couldn’t tell you exactly. In a brilliant bit of inspiration some folk have set up the Global participatory “Fool’s World Map” project

Basically it is made up of where people think countries are in the world rather than their actual locations – personally I was a bit shocked to find that Scotland is an Island off the coast of Spain which is in South America (I wonder why I can’t get a bloody tan??)

The Map is funny but I loved the comments about why things are where they are on the map for instance…

Due to a Texan who thinks “Japan is accessible from Texas by car”, Japan and Texas are land-attached.


The upper right side of Germany became Australia due to a posting by another stupid American thinking “Australia is beside Germany”

I’m also worried about Americans understanding of politics outside the US with Russia and Soviet next door to one another hmmmm….

All this reminds me of the bloke in a chip shop in Bristol I talked to once who asked me where I was from, when I replied that I was from Edinburgh quite excitedly he asked “ohh thats next to essex isn’t it”…..err not quite …. 🙂


Mommy can I get a sweetie??? @ 3:26 pm

We’ve all seen it, screaming kids in the middle of a supermarket the mother trying her best to cajole the child into behaving themselves eventually opting for the quick spank or bribery of the kid with sweets. For supermarkets this is a big problem for them, with restless and distruptive children getting parents rattled. Well now Tesco’s is fighting back with the development of “Tantrum Tamer Trolleys” a shopping trolley that plays DVDs, CDs and games to entertain the kiddies.

Designers are working on a shopping trolley that plays DVDs, CDs and educational games for children.

But I have to say ‘Sod the kids, where can I get one?’ Shopping for most blokes is fairly dull the addition of fancy bit of gadgets is gauranteed to pull in the crowds and brighten every blokes shopping experience. For the lassies, think of all those shopping trips were the bloke drags his feet trying to look excited at whatever pasta or pair of shoes you want him to be enthusiastic about whilst you get increasing frustrated and angry at him for not being more decisive or interested.

Years ago I was sitting outside the changing rooms in some womens clothes shop whilst the then women in my life was trying on the millionth pair of plain black trousers (I was dragged to every store in central edinburgh so she could find a pair of black trousers only to end up going back to the first shop and buying the first pair she tried on…grrrr – NOT my worst shopping experience but up there) chatting to the other poor bastards dumped outside the waiting rooms by their other halves and suggested that shops had bars just so the blokes who were there becuase they had to be could be entertained…sadly, although most blokes I’ve mentioned to have loved the idea, my dream of entertainment whilst shopping has never happened (short of the odd cafe in bookshops)…

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