How to fail and still keep going @ 4:38 pm

Fastcompany has an interesting interview with Nancy Hutson of Pfizer on the failures and success of the the drug discovery process. Its quite a telling article focussing on the managment of pharmaceutical research projects and an interesting piece on how to keep going when ninety odd percent of everythng you do is a probably going to fail…Fastcompany: The thrill of defeat

I’d never really thought about it before but science is built on so many failures compared to success it is strange that anyone even considers it a career – it lacks the certainty, and predictability of most other careers – and perhaps thats why us scientists are such a strange bunch – carved from a mold where progress and success are not the same thing, where the path you set along rarely leads to where you want to go, and where few of us will ever know success as measured by “normal” folk.

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