Mommy can I get a sweetie??? @ 3:26 pm

We’ve all seen it, screaming kids in the middle of a supermarket the mother trying her best to cajole the child into behaving themselves eventually opting for the quick spank or bribery of the kid with sweets. For supermarkets this is a big problem for them, with restless and distruptive children getting parents rattled. Well now Tesco’s is fighting back with the development of “Tantrum Tamer Trolleys” a shopping trolley that plays DVDs, CDs and games to entertain the kiddies.

Designers are working on a shopping trolley that plays DVDs, CDs and educational games for children.

But I have to say ‘Sod the kids, where can I get one?’ Shopping for most blokes is fairly dull the addition of fancy bit of gadgets is gauranteed to pull in the crowds and brighten every blokes shopping experience. For the lassies, think of all those shopping trips were the bloke drags his feet trying to look excited at whatever pasta or pair of shoes you want him to be enthusiastic about whilst you get increasing frustrated and angry at him for not being more decisive or interested.

Years ago I was sitting outside the changing rooms in some womens clothes shop whilst the then women in my life was trying on the millionth pair of plain black trousers (I was dragged to every store in central edinburgh so she could find a pair of black trousers only to end up going back to the first shop and buying the first pair she tried on…grrrr – NOT my worst shopping experience but up there) chatting to the other poor bastards dumped outside the waiting rooms by their other halves and suggested that shops had bars just so the blokes who were there becuase they had to be could be entertained…sadly, although most blokes I’ve mentioned to have loved the idea, my dream of entertainment whilst shopping has never happened (short of the odd cafe in bookshops)…

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