Scotland is an island off the coast of Spain @ 8:20 am

I was going to post about the excellent George Says a brilliant little site which lets you put words into George Bush’s mouth but instead I came across this last night which give me a quick chortle.

Geography was never one of my best subjects, I can tell you how waterfalls make plunge pools, and how ox bowl lakes are formed but ask me to point to Thailand say (sorry Wanpen) and I would have a vague clue but couldn’t tell you exactly. In a brilliant bit of inspiration some folk have set up the Global participatory “Fool’s World Map” project

Basically it is made up of where people think countries are in the world rather than their actual locations – personally I was a bit shocked to find that Scotland is an Island off the coast of Spain which is in South America (I wonder why I can’t get a bloody tan??)

The Map is funny but I loved the comments about why things are where they are on the map for instance…

Due to a Texan who thinks “Japan is accessible from Texas by car”, Japan and Texas are land-attached.


The upper right side of Germany became Australia due to a posting by another stupid American thinking “Australia is beside Germany”

I’m also worried about Americans understanding of politics outside the US with Russia and Soviet next door to one another hmmmm….

All this reminds me of the bloke in a chip shop in Bristol I talked to once who asked me where I was from, when I replied that I was from Edinburgh quite excitedly he asked “ohh thats next to essex isn’t it”…..err not quite …. 🙂

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