Some of you may have noticed… @ 4:17 pm

A) I’m not in Bristol
B) I haven’t posted in about 2/3 weeks
C) I’ve been very quiet in general

A) Bristol Uni are still fannying around with contracts etc…which has meant that my arrival which was meant to be on the first is now …. errrrr… yes ….. sometime

B) I have finally got corrections from JC (and some from TJS) (yes it is getting late …. yes I am shitting myself and yes I did send most of the chapters in the weeks following my visit in March). Which have basically gone along the lines of “re order the whole thing delete these 10pages and write another 50/60pages to build up the story more”. If memory serves the longest thesis I know thats come out of the TJS/JC group is Tim H’s which stretched to a mighty 220pages (compare with Ania’s at a mere 172pages) ….mine is currently 292pages (with TJS and JC saying “MUST write more”).

I know I shouldn’t judge a thesis by length (the old if it weighs more it must be better rule 🙂 doesn’t work) but it is mad how long mine is and still getting told its not enough. Anyway, I’m meeting Tom over coffee tommorrow afternoon (public place so he can’t kill me) so hopefully i’ll get more of an idea of what the hell they want from me (and how Bei is getting on cloning me so that I can get it all done in time).

C) well i’m being quiet because i’m busy with the thesis, scared about getting it in on time and feeling stupid and frustrated at trusting the Uni to have had my return all sorted by now … humphhh

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