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Its not that I don’t love you guys 😉 unexpectedly, I met up with TJS and he ‘ordered’ in the nicest possible way to get my arse to Bristol. So within about six days later in in a blaze of panicy arranging stuff I moved down to Bristol and into MCs spare room. Now I’m in Bristol with no cash and soooo much stress which ain’t good.

The old thesis is nearly done and dusted and I plan to have it submitted monday next week (just in the nick of time) – the thesis has shrank slightly down to 254 pages without index, bibliography or appendices – so its going to be roughly 270pages when all done and dusted.

My god has the lab changed, its just bizarre now with about 10 chinese/thai students now who spend all day speaking to the other chinese and thai in the lab which leads to poor communication, plus for some reason they seem to have sat on there arses and let everything turn to shit, not getting equipment repaired, not tidying up after themselves, and generally just being concerned about their own little world and damn anyone else. The post-docs in the lab haven’t seemed to challenge any of this and have just let it go on without a word which frankly amazes me (CW isn’t a very strong personality and keeps much to himself M is lovely but I don’t think she sees it as her place to say anything. Add to that the bosses have absolutely no clue about whats going on in the lab. Strange converstaion with MC the other night there which went along the lines of …
ME:”The lab is in disarray, nobody talks to one another, equipments falling to bits, nothing gets cleaned up”
MC:”no its not. its all fine. i haven’t heard of any problems, your exaggerating” Quite angry at the suggestion that the lab isn’t as perfect as he thinks it is
ME:”No I’m not exaggerating” i then list things that aren’t working/need serviced “and communication is so bad you just don’t know about it”
MC:almost has a heart attack.

Its a classic example of when theres no clear leadership from the top then things just go tits up. Sadly, i get the impression that they expect me to fix all the labs problems and if I don’t it’ll just continue as the status quo but how do you change the attitudes of a lab full of people? and do it without them thinking your a moaning bastard???.

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