Cycle to russia @ 5:12 pm

Possibly the greatest indie progressive folk funk band in the world ever (2004) …. the Revolutionary Bums are now …. Cycle to Russia

Made me Laugh @ 4:43 pm

A wee little chortle … Build a better Bush


Homelessness and me … @ 3:11 pm

We’ll homelessness has continued unabateed in the life of McChris (with one house falling through and problems with contract and pay)…having stayed in Matt’s, Nat’s and Justin’s and now in the lovely establishement that is Bristol Backpakers hostel…hopefully I will be shortly moving in with Chris Williams (really queit post-doc for Matt).

The real pain has been having over two months of no privacy or personal space. I once got forced to read a book called “what your father didn’t know and your mother couldn’t tell you” (the sequel to “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”) which introduced me to the concept of “cave time” which basically boils down to that blokes need to be able to come home and stare quietly into the fire/sit in their shed/veg out and just general switch off for a little while…having not had a cave of my own for so long i’m now craving a bit of alone time to be honest…hopefully not too long now…

On the up side homelessness has turned out to be the best bloody diet I’ve ever been on to be honest…basically I’ve been so stressed my appetite disappeared for over a month which meant I lost a hell of alot of weight. Still have some way to go till I’m happy but its a really good start – I doubt its good for me though…

Finally before I go the lovely Yvonne has introduced me to this little flash game which seems to be based on my life…or merely just a Burns Night I’d rather forget…or should that be remember???
Bridge Street Run


A message to my American Visitors @ 9:06 am

Right, today you have an opportunity to shape the political direction of your country for the next four years (in case you hadn’t noticed) – and as the worlds only superpower you basically hold the economic, poltical and social fate of the rest of the world in your hands. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T SIT ON YOUR ARSES AND NOT VOTE.

Remember if you don’t vote you can’t complain when the next President screws up

My personal opinion about who I think should be the next president doesn’t matter so I won’t offer it here – basically though whoever you think would represent your interests and those of the US in the world best over the next four years I want you to go out and vote – it’ll take you five minutes and you’ll feel alot more empowered because of it.

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