Last Post of 2004 @ 11:59 pm

Happy new year folks…remember your whiskey yer coal (or peat) and maybe even a wee bit o’ black bun


Merry Christmas @ 11:58 am

A great big merry christmas to everyone – I’m currently in Edinburgh with the family and one fuck off great big turkey…why is it the only time of the year we eat turkey is at Christmas and when we do my dad gets on that could feed the whole of the street.

Take care folks and try not to make yourselves too sick with those selection boxes



Trust me I’m a doctor @ 4:11 pm

Well guys I passed my viva – I have to say it was one of the worst bloody ordeals of my life with what I can only describe as some of the most inappropriate behavior i have ever heard of from the internal examiner – to such an extent that the ripples are still being felt within the department with some of the big Profs from the department commenting on it.

I am not going to say to much on this site as its public and quite frankly I am still so angry that i may say some inappropriate things. I’m just glad its over now, he’s made his little power play and i think most people now see him for what he is.


Viva Day @ 12:47 pm

I may be slightly drunk tonight … just a teensy weensy little bit …


1 Day to go… @ 12:46 pm

Tommorrow sees The big viva day… will I pass ??? will I fail???

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