Beer Monster spotted in Beer Factory @ 1:27 pm

My consumption of Brown alcoholic bezerages is legendary and sadly consumes far too much of my disposable income. One of my favorite Beer brands (when not guzzling pissy lager) is Smiles and their range of excellent brews – especially Heritage. It was with deep sadness that I learnt of them going into recently and as of a couple of weeks ago being wound up. Anyway about 2weeks ago I was in the Ship Inn for Matt Cooks Viva celebration when I got chatting to Bev (the owner) and a random bloke at the bar … to cut a long story short the random bloke was one of the old Smiles brewers who had got the sack and a few mates and him had set up The Bristol Beer Factory, a micro brewery, in order to keep me stocked up with top quality beer. This weeks trip to the Ship (not again surely) saw the first of their Beers on Tap “Beer Factory No 7”. To be honest its a top pint – quite hoppy in flavour but it goes down a treat – not too much of a hangover this morning either which is always a good thing.

So if your in the Bristol/Bath area and see it on tap give it a try and support a ain’t half decent, locally produced brew, Or we’ll end up being stuck with Pubs that only sell pissy lager.


Could tommorrow have been any worse… @ 1:10 pm

Not only do Scotland get a humping from the Oirish but Hibs lose 3-0 to the soap dodging weigie scum Rangers – drank some god awful wine, fell asleep watching Chronicles of Bloody Riddick which has so far sent me to sleep 3 nights in a row – (yes it is that dull – honestly don’t waste your time – i just have to see the end of the film – I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY VIM SODDING DESIEL), looked at my bank statement which shows me heamoraging money big style …. grumble

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