Having come dow @ 8:28 am

From Facebook: Chris Having come down with flu – a temperature of 39.2 whilst on route to Liverpool – felt like poo all day Monday but managed to get on my 5 hour delayed flight to Krakow and then navigated my way across snowy Poland – I spent yesterday with a high fever being topped up regularly with paracetamol and vitamin C – but safe and sound with Mrs Chris and the bairns. I’m glad I never took the gatwick flight they offered me.


Viki (Crying): @ 5:56 pm

From Facebook: Chris Viki (Crying): “Why did they not let daddy on the plane??” … yepp Easyjet (is that an oxymoron) cancelled my plane to Poland for Christmas.
My solution….bus to liverpool tomorrow (depart noon-ish) Then a flight from John Lennon International Airport (liverpool) To Krakow at silly o’clock on monday …then train to Rzeszow ETA about 5pm local time … all in all 29hours-ish.

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